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Principal's Message

Life is, as always, a challenging phenomenon and, therefore, demands every one of us to attain and master proficiency in the superlatives. It is my firm conviction that each individual is brimming over with potential. It must be imperative upon the individual to harness his energies and potential if we are desirous of reaching the highest echelon of successes. We are living in an era where we canít afford to shy away from the requirements of meeting these challenges. Acquiring education is the forerunner of development in all areas of life. Therefore seeking and imparting education is an obligation and not a choice.

 Education has emerged to be the leading priority amongst all developed nations. Human potential has proved itself more precious than any other natural asset. It is education which unleashes human genius and inspires deep commitment and devotion. Modern learning involves creativity and rectification of errors. It is therefore binding upon a student to think and to follow.

But discipline ranks over and above all traits which must be inculcated in a student. This promises ease and comfort and brings in proportion and coherence in life which invariably allow him to focus on seeking education.

A true Chinarian, as I envisage, must be an embodiment of discipline and an urge to acquire knowledge. Both are a prerequisite in shaping the wholesome personality of a student.

I firmly believe that the innate potential of our youth needs a spark to rekindle it and this simple as well as complex task can be accomplished   only by a teacher with a vision and foresight into future.

 Pakistan Zindabad

APC Chinar Campus Paindabad



Brig (R) Khalid Nazir         SJ, SI (M)

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