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Fee may be paid immediately after admission through Demand Draft or Cash in Askari Bank The Mall Murree only. No cash payment in office or college staff is ever allowed.

After Admission the fee is payable on bimonthly basis for Boarders and monthly by Day scholars. The due date is 15th of each month for Day Scholar and 15 of every 2nd month for Boarders. After due date 10% surcharge will be charged from Boarders and Rs. 350/- from Day Scholars. Fee is payable even the fee bill is not received through mail due to any reason.

The student will be expelled if the fee is not received within 15 x days after due date. And after expulsion re-admission fee i.e Rs. 10,000/- will be charged with normal fee and surcharge.

Admission Fee once paid will not be refunded except

* Within 15 x days after date of Admission:-

* Within 1 x month after date of Admission:-

a. Security Fee a. Security Fee
b. 75% Dev Charges b. 50% Dev Charges
c. Bedding Charges c. Bedding Charges
d. 50% Note Books charges d. 50% Note Books charges
e. Cupboard charges e. Cupboard charges
f. Mattress or mattress charges f. Mattress or mattress charges
g. Un availed food charges/pocket money Un availed food charges/pocket money

* Security i.e Rs. 10,000/- is refundable if applied within 1 x year after leaving the College.
* The winter vacation fee from all students who leave after completion of session will be charge.
* Extra Fee for winter camp for Actual duration will be charged for Board Classes every year.

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