ARMY PUBLIC COLLEGE                                                       CHINAR CAMPUS, MURREE
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  • Each wing has four houses namely Shalimar, Khyber, Bolan and Mehran House.
  • Each house has a well furnished Common Room with TV and other facilities for indoor games.
  • A well furnished Dining Hall is available for the students.
  • High quality and nourishing food is provided under the most hygienic conditions.

  • A well furnished sick bay under a qualified Resident Medical Officer assisted by trained Nursing Staff who takes care of students' health and Medical aspects.
  • A well furnished cafeteria stocked with standard and hygienic edibles and cold drinks etc. is located within the College Campus.
  • Playing fields for Cricket, Football and Basketball and other games.
  • A well trained Director of Physical Education with Army trained physical training Instructor organize and conduct various sports and Physical Training activities.
  • A well organized security system ensures.
  • Pick and drop facility is available up to Islamabad Airport.
  • The College digital telephone exchange provides necessary contact with Parents.
  • The College also has fax and e-mail facility.

House Staff: Well experienced house staff, (House Parents and Assistant House Parents) is available round the clock to look after the activities of the boarding students.
They are  provided with well furnished accommodation in the College premises so that they can visit their respective house anytime to address the needs & problems of boarders.

Three house tutors are also attached with each house to cater for academic help and coaching.

Pocket Money

Students in Junior school  are allowed Rs.50/- weekly and Seniors Rs.100/- weekly as pocket money. Any cash found over and above this is confiscated and credited to the pocket money account of the student's concerned. Parents are requested not to send any money order to their sons or give them any cash unless it is necessary.


While in College, students have to be in the prescribed dress. They are not permitted to wear private clothes or shoes.


Parents/guardians can visit their sons/wards only on visiting Sundays as per following timings:

  • 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (October to March)

  • 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (April to Sep)

  • Boarders are not allowed to invite their relatives/guests, in Wings, Hospital, Cafeteria or in any College Building.

  • Parents are not allowed to visit dorms/rooms.

  • Parents are not allowed to visit the staff at their residences. They can meet them in their offices on visiting Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.


Leave rules are as under:-

  • Leave is granted on a written application give by parents.

  • Leave other than the scheduled will not be granted except in exceptional circumstances.
    No leave will be granted to attend a wedding except, of real brothers and sisters.

Long Weekend Leave

For every term there will be a fixed number of long weekends permissible for boarders. Parents/guardians are required to forward the following information to the house parents regarding their son/wards at the beginning of each term

  • Where they would like their son/wards to spend their weekend that is at home with them or with relatives or friends.
  • The name and address of the relative/friend with whom the boy will spend his weekend.
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